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Services That We Provide

Inishowen Footcare offers quality care for nail and foot conditions including sports injuries and cosmetic care, from a qualified and certified podiatrist with over 25 years’ experience. We make our patients comfortable so they can be the best version of themselves.

 Our care covers routine foot assessments as well as diagnosis and treatment. We treat everything from ingrown toenails, and nail infections to calluses, corns, and diabetic-related conditions. Find out more about our Services here:

Nail & Foot Care Assessment

Don’t ignore common problems in the hope that they will go away, they won't. We offer routine foot assessments to diagnose and recommend treatment for common complaints.

Diabetic Foot Screening

Diabetes can particularly affect the feet and can lead to ulcers and more serious complications. So, diabetic patients need regular screening from a professional chiropodist.

Sports & Musulo-Skeletal Problems

We treat foot pain & common sports foot injuries. As pain in one region may be caused by weakness elsewhere, we examine the body as a whole to diagnose and determine the area of pain.

Pre-fabricated & Customised Insoles

Custom insoles can be of benefit to a huge range of people, from elite athletes and young children right the way up to retirees.

General Foot Care Needs

Routine podiatry appointments include hard skin & corn removal, nail trimming & thinning, and the conservative treatment of in-grown toenails.

Specialist Foot Treatments

Our specialist foot treatments range from cosmetic to medical, including acupuncture, nail reconstruction, and wax therapy to verruca removal.

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